In the 30’s now!

It got down into the thirties last night and we’re only in November. That’s chilly for down here where we seldom get chilly until January or February.

I am *very* glad that I got the 15-20 degree rated sleeping bag when I bought it instead of the 35 degree bag.
I was toasty warm last night. The only hard part was getting out of the bag this morning!

For a bit of heat I have switched to a pillar candle. Since I’ve started sealing the seams and I’m going to put windows in I wanted something with less fumes than the lantern.
So we went to Ikea and I got one of those tin metal lanterns. It’s the larger square one designed for the pillar candles rather than the small circle one designed for tea candles. I think it works better for heat than the gas lantern did. Though that seems strange to me.

I haven’t got my blackout curtains made yet.
My little sister is in town and staying with my buddy Sam so the three of us went and saw Puss In Boots (I liked it, it was cute.) and then wandered around in Ikea for a few hours.
I love looking at their “small living” arrangements. Plenty of inspiration. And it wasn’t crowded at all.

Then my sister went off dancing and Sam and I stayed at his place and watched a movie from redbox.

It’s been an eventful day for me. Just lots of activity.
I’m very glad to be back in my camper where it’s quiet and it’s my space and it’s home.
I think Keegan is too. When we leave any place now she heads straight to the tailbed, if it’s down she puts her front paws up ready for her boost up. If the tailbed is closed she stands there and looks at me like “hey! Who closed up the house!”

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