What I had for breakfast.

Just in case you’re curious!

Yesterday I posted about buying an itty bitty fry pan (and the creepy encounter with “meet singles in your grocery store aisle” man).

This morning I tried it out.

I had purchased a small carton of dismembered eggs (is that what they are when you only get the white part and none of the yummy yellow part?) and a little carton of dried has brown flakes.

Now the eggs will go bad if they aren’t used by tomorrow I imagine, but that’s okay because Keegan can eat eggs; she loves them and they help keep her coat shiny.

The hash brown flakes should be good until they go stale.

My little omelet turned out pretty good. The pan said it was non-stick though and it isn’t. But…taking that bit of false advertising into account, it worked okay. The egg tasted like egg, I took that as a win.

The hash browns I’m not sure about. They were vaguely potato like but they did NOT turn a nice toasty brown with frying.
They’re edible but not what I’d call a successful lightweight solution to potatoes.

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  November 3, 2011

    have you tried dried eggs? I think they have htem. Just add water. Like dried milk, which, in a pinch will do

  2. I think the only place I might be able to find powdered eggs would be at the camping stores, expensive.

    And I’m not fond of powdered eggs as it is. : )


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