Homemaking. Or as the men call it..nesting.

Today I finally stopped by a fabric store and got the “blackout” backing to use as curtains/blinds for my windows.

One of the things that I’ve been being real careful with is having my light on at night. I don’t want to draw notice to myself but I still need to be able to study.

Hopefully this material will block any light from getting out as well as block it from coming in.

I’ve been discussing installation ideas with my friend The Cat (have you seen the new Puss in Boots btw? Was it any good?) and we’re thinking Velcro. Staple one side, the fuzzy side, to the wall and sew the sticky side to the fabric. Staple one end (the top edge in this case) to the wall so that when open I can just roll them up. This should help with keeping track of them.

I got a couple pieces of green felt (for $0.29, woot!) to put on the inside for colour. The side showing out of the camper will be white, like the camper.

I have high hopes for the use of these curtains.

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  1. el gato negro

     /  November 3, 2011

    not like you have a 100w bulb in there but you might need to double or treble that felt to get it opaque enough to block the light. just a thought…


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