Now *that* was funny!

Tonight, after class, I was in my camper with Keegan fixing dinner.

Keegan had her 1/2 tin of beef and my stew was simmering.

I saw a car pull into the lot and head to the back edge where I was. This was worth noting because no classes start that late and their were many available spots closer to the building.

So the car pulls up beside me and this fellow gets out and opens the back door and two Scotty size dogs jump out. They reminded me of a Scotty though they could have been some other breed.

Keegan and I are minding our own business.
We hear the man calling “Lolo. Lolo!” over and over. People never learn do they?
Anyway, both Keegan and I know the dog us heading our way but we’re both fairly live and let live.
But, this little dog is climbing up onto the tailgate (attempting to anyway) when Keegan growls and barks. Nothing severe, just, “My place. My food. Go away.”

Suddenly there’s the briefer glimpse of an arm as the man snags his little dog, throws her in the backseat of his car, and zooms off.
Seriously, I hadn’t even had time to start laughing before his taillights were halfway across the parking lot.

He then hared off down the one road that ended in a dead end.

I was still chuckling when he came back by and went zooming off in the other direction.

Before I left I stopped by the security office and told the campus policeman that some guy was coming up to let his dogs poop in the lawn and that any dog poop wasn’t me and Keegan.

Really, it WAS funny.

I had the light on in my camper so he was either totally unobservant ot too stupid to put what he saw into probabilities.

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