After having a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and nothing else today I decided I needed a good dinner.

So I put together half a tin can(1) of roast beef in gravy and diluted it with water(2). I added ~2 tablespoons of freeze dried veggies(3) that I paid wayy too much money for at the whole foods grocery store the other night, then ~3 teaspoons, maybe, of oatmeal for thickening. I sprinkled a liberal amount of pepper and let it simmer for a few minutes.

Keegan got the 1/2 can of beef still left. I can’t keep it with no refrigeration so I might as well spoil her. It helps me to think smart, or at least to try to do so, when i’m shopping if I think, would I feed this to Keegan? If not, I probably shouldn’t be feeding it to myself. That doesn’t always stop me, but it sure cuts the junk food down a lot.

(1) the same size as a large can of tuna.
(2) the stuff is way too salty, have to water it down or can’t eat it.
(3) I know of a slightly cheaper place online to buy dehydrated or freeze-dried veggies. I’ll post a wish list soon.

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