It’s been an interesting evening.
I met up with the same group, mostly, of men I met last week.

I was sitting out on my tailgate playing with Keegan this afternoon when Daryl wanders by. We nod. He wanders by the other way. This time tells me he’s hanging out with David under the trees.
So next pass thru I wander over with him and David spends some time throwing a stick for Keegan.

Then Daryl wanders off somewhere and I head back to my truck. An hour or so later David shows back up and invites me to drink a beer. He asks what I want, busch, coors,etc. I say “I don’t know!” he asks ne what I usually drink and a tell him the name of a local beer (shiner boch) and he nods and says “Busch” (I really hope I’m spelling that right).

So then we sit on my tailgate and talk about whatever. And he keeps Keegan busy with the frisbee.

Daryl wanders in and out.

It gets dark and David offers to give me half of a $5 foot long and I was hungry so I said yes and off we went to the subway.

On the way back, his camp wasn’t far from mine, we come across Steven (I think, still not sure of his name) with his dog Missy.
Steven was drunker’n a skunk and had been in a fight.
David, who’d been weaving just a wee bit earlier kept a hand ready and steadied Steven a couple times on the way back to David’s camp.

I went on a bit further to my truck.

That’s the bare bones short version of the story.
I’ll try and flesh out the interesting bits in smaller additional posts.

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