Remember the car?

Remember the post I wrote about the black car that had pulled up along side of me last week?

I was asking the guys about these other cars and vans and if they knew who they were.

They had names to go with a couple of them. But then when I got to the black car I got “bad man! Stay away from him!”

I was a bit surprised at the intensity of the answer and asked why? What made him a bad man. Apparently he’s an undercover something or other and has been known to harrass, treat ungently, the homeless population here.

So I guess my instincts were okay on that one. He made me uneasy but the only reason I could find was his parking habits. I *still* don’t know why he was parking so close to me, you’d think if he was undercover he’d know better. Anyway, beware the black car.

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  November 1, 2011

    could be WIll SMith and Tommy Lee Jones…

  2. Ha! neither Keegan nor I are aliens. đŸ˜€
    I loved that movie, made me laugh.


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