Home sweet home.

I’m back on the south end of town again, at my favorite spot.

I had pulled in and parked when I realized that I needed to get a “top-up” card for my Internet connection.
(I use Virgin’s Mifi card and get the top-up cards from Radio Shack.)

When I got back to my favorite spot there was a white van pulled up across the back lane road that I park in. I have no idea if this driver was just pulling up as far into the spare lot as he could or if he was intentionally blocking the route.
Either way, he needs more practice to sufficiently block entrances in brush because I putt-putted thru right behind him and zipped on down to my favorite spot.

I like this spot because it has a bit more of a scrub/tree line that insulates it a tiny bit more from the traffic noise and it’s situated such that I can open the door of the camper and let Keegan lie on the tailgate. Her favorite spot is half in and half out of the doorway, watching whatever it is she watches.

And I can burn my citronella candle bucket and keep the bugs to a minimum. This is important, I hate critters flying around my face.

I imagine this spot will be taken by the time I get out of class tomorrow evening so I’m enjoying it now.

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