Green growing things.

Today I finally found some single bamboo sprouts.

I like bamboo as a house plant because it doesn’t need much care. And they’re inexpensive.

I’ve been looking for either the bamboo or the little air plants for several weeks now.
It bothers me that there’s no green living things in my camper.

So I spent $4 today on two stalks, one is straight, the other is curly. I hope to get the straight one to grow up thru the middle of the curled one.

I cut the top off of a plastic water bottle, 1 liter size, and put my little stalks in with some water.
I’ll keep my eyes open for some small gravel and scoop up a handful to put in the bottom of the bottle.

The bottle can hang so I can move it inside or outside.

I think it’s pretty cool. 🙂

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