Daryl confuses me a bit still. He doesn’t fit the homeless profile/stereotype.

He still has a job, menial I gather right now, taking whatever he can get, but still works. He looks good. Decent clothes, clean enough, well groomed for the average blue collar worker. Apparently he was in construction for almost 20 years. He knows about building, electricity, and so on. He takes care to eat healthy, well, moderately healthy.

I haven’t gotten his story yet and I’m not sure if he’ll tell me if I ask. He seems pretty closed about talking about himself.

But he says, and the others agree, that he’s been out here for at least a decade.

I asked David what his story was and David said he was crazy. I said that he seems just as sane as me, but David reiterated. So I don’t know, maybe he’s only crazy if he goes off his meds (assuming he takes any) or when the moon is full or when something triggers him.

He does seem to me to be the kind of fellow with a very very short fuse. The kind that gets upset at some small thing and then loses it completely.
I don’t know though, I’ve never seen him angry.

I have noticed though that he doesn’t drink. At all.

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  October 31, 2011

    Good LORD! Be careful!!

  2. Well yeah. I mean, obviously. : D

    Seriously, none of the temperaments I’m seeing out here are new to me. I lived with much worse while I was growing up.

    This out here is just a bit more honest, in a way, about things.

    There is one of the men I’m keeping a sharp eye on but I haven’t written about him yet.


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