Yet another new spot.

I’m getting comfortable enough now that I’m starting to try some parking places around town.
It’s tougher in town because of no trespassing signs, no overnight parking, 30 minutes only, etc. Even if you’re a customer of a business you have to leave within a certain amount of time.

Tonight I’m in a little division of apartments that are run by an agency that cares for mentally and/or physically disabled persons. There are empty parking spaces all over the place because many of the residents can’t drive.
Still, that’s tricky, because an aid/care worker may notice you. They may or may not care enough to report you. And there is a chance that you’ll park in a spot that the residents family uses, etc.
But, the areas where this housing area butts up against the surrounding businesses seems to be a bit less determined.
I pulled up in one of those side gravel areas where there’s a few other cars parked and a semi. Usually if there’s a semi parked there it’s worth taking a chance.
There’s no streetlights in this particular block but plenty elsewhere.

So I’ve pulled in backwards, covered the windows, and I’m settling down for the night.

I want to get some more homework done tonight and get another good nights sleep.

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  1. el gato negro

     /  October 31, 2011

    I keep hearing the theme from Mission Impossible as I read your entries on parking spots. Like you’re running around in a black ninja suit and blackface you won’t be seen… Of course, the white truck and camper aren’t quite invisible… 🙂

  2. It is sort of like that. : )
    Hiding in plain sight is a skill and an art.

    As to the white truck, one of the policemen I met early on told me that white is a good color for urban parking. It “blends” in better than brightly colored cars and draws less notice than black vehicles.
    I had no reason to disbelieve him. : P


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