Bad days. Good days.

Thursday sucked. A lot.
Friday was recovery from major suckage (yes, I am a Buffy fan) on Thursday.
Saturday, today, was pretty good!

See, I’m one of those “take it one day at a time” people. Literally.

But back to today.
I woke up, noticed it was still chilly, laid there being warm for a bit more, then got up.
Took the muttster out.
Put the sheet out to dry and did some personal cleanup.
Futzed about sending emails and catching up on the nesws.
Decided to do some chem homework.
Found the Barcelona game on the Catalan online radio station.
Determined I should learn Catalan as I go along.
Did more homework.
Heated up a can of chili and added some crackers.
Made a cup of hot chocolate.
Fed Keegan the last of the can of chili.
Cleaned dishes.
Emailed some friends.
Decided to update the blog about my day.

I’ll do more homework this evening.
Then go to sleep.

If all my days were like this I’d probably be okay.

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