Yay hammock.

I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on how to sit in my hammock and study.

There isn’t room for both me and Keegan to be on the floor at the same time unless we’re in each others laps. Add my books and there isn’t enough floor space.

But I’ve learned that sitting in a certain section of the fabric will allow me to sit up with just as much support as if I were in a traditional chair.
When I put my fleece blanket in front of me covering my feet I have a desk that’s the right height.

I realize as I’m typing this that not everyone can sit cross-legged and that there is some flexibility needed in the hip joints. But if you’re moderately flexible it’s very comfortable, more so, in my opinion, than sitting at a desk with a chair.

Plus I’m not stepping on Keegan. Though I do have to be careful not to drop pencils and calculators on her head.

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