Lest I jinx it..

Tonight is a good night.

I took today off to give my brain some down time. And I feel much more stable emotionally and mentally this evening. (yes, I can tell this about myself, for better or worse, I’m very attuned to my own mental state)

Back to this evening..
It’s a very nice night. Just getting cool, not yet brisk but no longer hot. Where I’m parked the crickets are still as loud as the traffic and remind me of nights here and there a long time ago.
My camper door is open and Keegan is lying on the tailgate, every once in a while she turns to look inside and see how I’m doing.
I just made myself a cup of serious hot chocolate on my little Soto camp stove. Real cocoa (check out your Hispanic aisle in your local grocery mart) and real smoked brown sugar with just a thimble of Kahlua added.
I’ve got my citronella candle burning right outside the door, hanging from my little porch, and my solar powered light on inside.
I’m about ready to open a soccer magazine and immerse myself in a world far far away from my own.

This will be a night to look back on and enjoy when things get tough.

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  October 26, 2011

    That is really nice, I would enjoy that.

  2. I think you probably would. It’s like camping out (except for the road noise), and more comfy because I have a hammock and a citronella candle. : D

    When I have a bad day this winter, or a terribly grumpy day, because it’s cold and wet and my joints hurt, and all the other things that I’ll undoubtably whimper about, remind me to go back and read this post. : )


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