I thought all you “Occupy” people were downtown..

It’s getting crowded out here now.

I’ve been out almost a month but this is the first time I’ve seen two of my parking spots already taken by other vehicles.

Both white, one SUV’ish type and one a low-rider pickup.

I did the polite thing and kept driving but at some point I imagine we’ll have to start being friendly and doubling up at the spots.
If that’s possible.

I trundled off into the deeper brush but it’s tricky because I’m getting into street camp territory and I didn’t want to run over anyone in the dark.

I hope it doesn’t get too crowded, that will make it more difficult to stay out of sight. That sounds very selfish I know, what about all those other people looking for a safe place to park.
If ever an anthropologist wanted to study the forming of kinship groups, territory rights, and clans, this population would be a goldmine.

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