Last nights parking space was incredibly loud. I even put ear plugs in and it still kept me awake.
The traffic didn’t seem any worse than other places I’ve parked, but maybe the bend in the road, the placement of the buildings, etc contributed to the noise level.

I wasn’t disturbed and their wasn’t any foot traffic (other than the crazy woman walking past me still telling someone everything in very loud tones at about 1am). But egads, the traffic noise was frightful.

Then Keegan had to go out again, all the leftovers gave her an upset digestive track (I knew it would) so I gave up and moved us to another place.

I hope I can get a few hours of good sleep before classes start this afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  October 25, 2011

    Pretty Wife and I stayed in the most delightful little hotel in NSW, with a traditional English garden out back, overlooking a bend in the river… and a highway hill out front.

    We discovered that Jake brakes sound the same all over the world.


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