Updating the “essentials” list

I think it’s been about two weeks since I made my first list of essential items.
I’d like to be able to look back and see how my list changes as I get more experienced.

I’m also curious if the next generation if homeless will have lists more in common with mine than they do with prior generations. I’m going on the assumption that the coming generation will be more technologically connected and will consider Internet connectivity essential to survival.

The list…
1. Freshette
2. “kitchen sink” bucket
3. Bandannas
4. No-rinse soap
5. Water jug
6. Sleeping bag
7. Cup
8. Spork
9. Light
10. Wet wipes
Keegan – so important she is beyond a number

Things *I* use every day that aren’t essential to life, but are essential to staying connected with the larger world.

1. Battery
2. Solar panel to charge battery
3. iPad
4. Wifi hotspot
5. E-reader (less power draw than iPad)

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