The crazy woman.

And I’m not talking about myself in this instance. : )

I mentioned a while back that there was a mentally disabled person who hung out in the hedges.
Now there’s one lot where I like to back into a space so the tailgate is facing the hedge. That way Keegan and I can sit on the tailgate. With the door to the camper open and being used as a backrest we’re not immediately visible and we can get some air.

But the last few times I’ve been over there, in slightly different places, this woman has plunked herself down on the other side of the hedge from me, immediately next to me. Since she’s usually *in* the hedge that means she’s less than a foot away from me.
I’m okay with that but I’m not okay with the ceaseless diatribe at much too loud a volume.
Not only does the diatribe grate on me but it brings attention to me that I don’t need. It could get me banned from places.
All it takes is one loud “problem” to get the rest of us who are quiet and harmless banned as well.

When she started urinating not 1 foot away from me I gave up and left.

I know who she is. The guys the other night described her well enough that I recognized her. Pure loco, and mean, is what they said. And will piss on you if she has a chance.

So, new spot tonight. I’m behind a vet clinic. It’s very loud, on a main road.

I need ear plugs.

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