Sleeping arrangements.

I love my hammock.
But the one downside is that the air circulation chills your back. Even with a sleeping bag.

So I decided to try some sort of insulation.
I found a survival blanket in storage. Originally I tried attaching it with safety pins but it sagged and the foil material rips easily.

So I untied the knots at the ends of the sheet and tied the foil into the sheet knots.

So far it seems to follow the contours of the hammock.

I’m hoping that the foil will insulate the sheet so that I can sleep more comfortably.

I’ll try to report back in a week about how it works.

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  1. Lara

     /  October 23, 2011

    A space blanket works for air matresses so I’d think it would work for a hammock. But you may need something thicker like a camping pad to put between the sleeping bag/space blanket combo and the hammock.


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