All to myself day.

Today is “me” day. No dealing with people.

The plan is to go buy my storage unit and get a few of my school reference books now that I have the shelves built.
I won’t be able to get very many of them, books are heavy and the shelf space is small.

I am loving the new openness of my space.

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  October 23, 2011

    At those place where you rent a storage unit, many storage places allow you to park Rvs & vehicles at the storage lot. And yr parked in a secure facility. Ive read of homeless people using a storage locker as a place to live. If you can afford the fees, it may work

  2. Not any more Jerry.
    In fact, they do a sweep at night to make sure no one is still on the premises.
    If you’re still inside the fence after 9pm they will escort you out through the “people” gate. You have to leave your car/truck inside.
    No way to get home, too bad.

    They’ve gotten very very strict about people living, working, or practicing in the units.


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