Or at least strongly resistant.

I got the second coat of paint on the walls this morning and the third (final) coat on the roof.

Sam was also kind enough to go by the hardware store with me while we were running around so I got the board I needed to make my shelves.

I have three shelves up now. I may put the fourth one up but I’m not sure yet. I know how to keep the books from sliding around already but haven’t put it together yet.

Now that I’m getting a place for everything, and cutting down on stuff I don’t need (but thought I would), it’s looking and feeling a lot more spacious.

I’m still formulating a stand for my camp stove. One that will allow adequate ventilation but be sturdy enough to not worry about it falling over if Keegan were to jump off the tailgate.
I have ideas but need to visualize them a bit more yet.

I like the emphasis by some of you about this camper being a perfectly valid mobile home vs being homeless and living in your vehicle.
I think that as I get it looking a bit more professional looking that others may start thinking that as well.
Attitude matters.

And maybe one of those glossy magazines would do an article on me! : )

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