I took my exam and then headed up north to my buddy sam’s place.

We painted the outside of the camper, I also put another coat on the roof.

Tomorrow morning I’ll put another coat on the walls and see how it looks.

It looks completely different now that it’s painted. It looks.. smaller. And bland.
Though bland may be good.
My kid sister brought me a set of three tin cutout sea turtles from one of her trips a while back. They’re really cool. I’m thinking of putting them on the outside, up high on the side. If I can figured out a really secure way of attaching them. I think they’d give enough decoration without overpowering.
Though.. it might advertise that a woman lives there and that might not be a good thing. So maybe no turtles. They’re such awesome turtles though!

Sam says I should paint it with designs but I’ve vetoed all his design ideas so far. I don’t want to *attract* attention. Just enough to blend in.

I saw vinyl siding at the hardware store when I was getting paint. I think it’d be hilarious to put vinyl siding on it! And some gutters. With a tiny rain barrel on the tailgate. Too expensive though.

And I still need some real windows!

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  October 21, 2011

    The real window thing, check with Lowes or another hardware store. Many times they have samples of windows in miniature that they use to advertise. When they don’t need them anymore they throw them away. I have used them before. AND they are cute and they work!

  2. el gato negro

     /  October 21, 2011

    *still* with the turtles! 🙂

    have enough free space to mount them on the inside?

    maybe on the ceiling so you can look up and see them before fall asleep at night…

  3. Alyce, I will try that. And the guys at the local lowes know me by now so maybe that will help too.

    Hola el gato. Always with the turtles! Turtles are the most awesomenest creatures ever! Except for maybe the raptorsaurus, and the gerfalcon, and whales, and wolves, but other than those, and a few others I didn’t have room to specify, (I mean have you ever seen an ivory-billed woodpecker? I thought the prehistoric had lost one of their birds the first time I saw one), the turtle is definitely the most awesome.
    There IS room to put them on the ceiling on the inside. And if I get the inside painted, eventually, they’ll look just as cool there as they would outside.


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