Why my homework isn’t done.

This morning I had my psych appt. This was okay because his office has a water cooler that also has a hot water tap. I was able to make a cup of coffee. Mmmmm.

From there, I went to my friendly Lowes Hardware store.

The past few nights, actually, the great desire to NOT get out of my sleeping bag in the mornings, has reminded me that the weather is changing.

So today I caulked all the seams with waterproof construction adhesive. I did all the cracks and knotholes as well.
Then I put the first two coats of “vinyl elastic” sealer on the roof. It’s used a lot for flat roofs like motorhomes. I’ve got enough left in the can to do two more coats.

This weekend, if the weather is still nice, I’ll paint the walls on the outside.

All the work I did today is invisible to others. The caulk blends in with the wood and the roof is above eye level.

I am curious if the caulking makes it significantly warmer.

For a reward I bought myself a handful of snow peas from the organic veggy aisle. Still less than a dollar but oh so good!

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  1. Jerryprism

     /  October 19, 2011

    Re the peas: always remeber to pay yrself! Dont neglect that you dserve whatever reward you can give yrself. You are worth it! Get yrself a cheap wind chime. Very soothing sounds


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