Cross your paws…

I’ve mentioned the police, campus police, and private security guards in a few of my posts.

Tonight, I saw the campus policeman that I see patrolling in the evenings inside the station as I was walking out. So I stopped to ask him a question.

I introduced myself with “Hi, I’m the one, well, uh, the one staying in my truck..” and he came back with “Yeah, I noticed you. Once I saw you had a current parking sticker I just left you alone.”

Then I asked him my question. I asked him if it would be possible to let Keegan out for a bit during the day if she was on a leash that was attached to the truck. For clarification, I park with the back end of truck against the “greenery” so if she was out she wouldn’t be in line of the people. There followed a discussion that he’d noticed her and she seemed like a quite mellow dog and he’d noticed me coming out to check on her and let her do her business and clean up after her, but he wasn’t allowed to make such a decision; I should ask the campus manager and tell him my situation and if he said it was okay then it was certainly fine by him.
He seems like a decent fellow.
So everyone shoot Keegan your doggie karma and hope that the campus manager will be willing to come up with an option that lets Keegan get a little bit of outside time.

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