Weekends suck.

I find myself getting angry at everything by the end of the weekend.
I’m tired, not able to stay in one place, and surrounded by strangers wherever I go.
I’m lonely.
And it’s hot. Indian summer maybe? But too hot.

Right now I’m parked in a bit of a side lot beside a gas station. It’s one of those places that used to be someplace but has lost it’s way. I’ve seen semis pulled in so it should be okay in that respect.
It’s the side of a busy road though so it’s quite loud.

I’m hoping it will cool off some this evening so I can sleep well.

It’s a bit better now. The sun has gone down and it has cooled a few degrees.

After I parked, Keegan and I laid down on the floor and watched the people and traffic come and go thru the gas station across the way. We’re tucked in behind a tree, it doesn’t hide us but screens us a bit. Most people probably would never see us. Keegan sits beside me, alternately snuffling the air and batting at my hand to remind me that I’ve stopped petting her.

Now I’ve closed up for the night and strung my hammock. I’ve got my solar light on and will attempt to do some more homework before I go to bed.

For Alyce, hugging my dog helps me too. : D

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  October 16, 2011

    Hugging my dog helps…sometimes….


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