Too hot.

Today was too hot to stay where I was. There wasn’t any shade there.
So I move back down the street to the mall area where there’s shady parking.
I came into Barnes and Noble bookstore to read for an hour and check my email.

The one bit of productivity I’ve had today was hooking up the longer cable that connects my solar panel to my battery.
Now I can charge my battery without hauling it out of the truck and setting it out in the open.
When I left the truck the battery was charging happily. Or at least contentedly. Oh alright..I’m anthropomorphizing the battery, but the little gauge rolling along looked a cheerful sight.
If you ever need a solar panel / battery combo, check out  “Goal Zero” at Their stuff is good and customer service is good as well.

I don’t think I’ll be able to park in the same place tonight. Since it is “overflow” parking for a church and tomorrow is sunday they may get annoyed if I’m there. And that would be a lot of people to deal with walking around my trailer too.
So, need to find a new spot for tonight.


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