Thinking out parking.

The biggest issue I have being “mobile” homeless is finding a safe place to park at night.

Safe meaning that it’s not illegal and that I won’t get harassed by either the criminal element or other homeless.

What I’ve learned about finding a place to park overnight so far…

Don’t park near schools. That’s asking for the bright lights and plate running. People are way way skittish about anyone being around a school these days, doesn’t matter how harmless you are.

Don’t park in neighborhoods. You can’t be arrested or fined for sleeping in your car but you can be punished for being a public nuisance which can happen if someone complains about your presence.

Don’t park in shopping mall or grocery store lots. These are private property and you will be trespassing. Also a fineable offense.

Don’t park in public parks. You might think these are safe because they’re public land but most parks have curfews and if you’re in the park after the posted hour you can be fined.

Some places you may be able to park… Some depend on the owner or manager of the property being okay with it and some depend on the manager being absent but the workers not mentioning it.

Some 24 hour restaurants that serve long-haul drivers or still want to preserve the image of the old time highway diner.

Some gas stations.

Some public land where city construction has halted due to the recession or where the county has torn down buildings or where the county stores road repair equipment or supplies.
I haven’t been kicked out of these yet but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be in the future.

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  October 15, 2011

    Geeze Rachel, you are killing me!! WHY aren’t you in PA?? You could park at my house and do wash and shower!! DAMMITALLTOHELLANDBACKAGAIN!!

  2. Anonymous

     /  October 15, 2011

    Doesn’t it get hella cold in pennyslvania? That can’t be a good place to be homeless.

    The only good thing about being where I’m at right now is that I’m still getting my tuition paid at the local junior college, I’m going to use that as long as it’s available. Well, that, and it doesn’t get below freezing here in the winter.


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