Supplies update.

Since so many of you have asked me what I need I thought it would be a good idea to tell you what I don’t need for now.

Thanks to one of my classmates and her workplace I now have enough no-rinse soap to be able to stay as clean as I want in between real showers for a at least a month (maybe longer, I’m not sure how concentrated this brand is yet.)

Thanks to another friend I have dental floss, body lotions, and bar soap I can use at the shower facilities around town.

I also have a sleeping bag and should be plenty warm this winter, even if I do look like a one man clown show getting the thing into its stuff sack every morning, I can only hope that practice makes me more adept!

Said class mate also gave me some liner pads for Keegan. She is 13 now and it’s just a good idea.

One of my book club friends is feeding my addiction to la Liga soccer so I don’t go into withdrawals; ugly ugly scene I tell you, soccer withdrawals.

I truthfully don’t know that I need anything else right now.

Virgin mobile top-up cards will always be useful so I can keep this blog going and stay connected to the world and do my school lessons at night.

Gas cards will always be useful as that is my biggest expense right now and will continue to be.

Lowes Hardware gift cards will probably always be useful, I imagine I’ll have to redo bits of my camper as I go and the weather starts wreaking havoc on my meager building skills.

For leisure, amazon or barnes and noble gift cards. I love reading but can’t very often afford to actually buy books.
(Did you know that if you go into a B & N bookstore and have a nook that you can read a book free for an hour. Than come back the next day and read another hours worth, and so on until you’re finished? I think that’s a really good marketing idea, it gets people in the store and hooked).

A renewal at student rates to the American Chemical Society.

A renewal at student rates to the AMA (American Mathematical Association).

A renewal at student rates to the Aerican Science Association,

A subscription to Champions Magazine (soccer) or world soccer magazine or Soccer America magazine or FourFourTwo soccer magazine. These are pure fluff but since fluff time was mentioned I thought I’d mention them.

I am warm, dry, and have food. Things aren’t too bad. : )

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