Its feels productive anyway…

Today I went over to buddy S’s place where he allowed me to do a load of laundry and take a shower. *That* was nice.

Then while all my electronic devices were charging we went to the apple store so he could buy the new 4S phone. It has an AI that supposedly will carry on conversations though I’m not sure if it really will or not. I have a feeling it’s a computer version of Onstar.
But it was my first time sitting in an apple product line. Ok, done that, don’t need to again. : )
But it was a pretty short line, maybe 2 hours.

Then I went by the hardware store and got some hooks so that I could get my book bag, violin, and computer bag off of the floor. It feels much more spacious now. And I won’t have to worry about my 30 pound book bag falling on Keegan and crushing her kidney or something.

Synthetic sleeping bags have their strong points, but folding compactly and fitting back into the stuff sack they came with is NOT one of them! I finally took it outside the truck, spread it down in the parking lot to fold it. Then, the stuff sack unzips down the side with a fussed so you can put the bag in and then zip it to compress it. RIGHT. So there’s me, in the parking lot, trying to compress this bag with both hands and trying to pull the zipper up with my teeth. It took 30 minutes! I’m sure it was either amusing or perplexing to passers-by.

The barnes and noble bookstore is open late on Fridays so I came here for the free wifi.

Tomorrow I’ve got to do homework.

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