Uuuup and Down. Uuuuup and Down.

That’s me.
Today has been a good day (so far, no reason to jinx myself. superstitious? me? maybe.. you would be too if you were homeless).

I was able to get almost a whole section of homework done this evening. That has contributed the most I think to my feeling of well-being.
Here’s a typical conversation with myself.
Me: I’m an idiot. I’m never going to catch up and succeed in the class.
Mini-Me: hey! hey wait a minute! I just did almost the whole first section of homework and I actually understood most of it. I am not an idiot.
Me: yeah.. well, the class is now on the *next* chapter you dimwit.
Mini-Me: so! I still get points for turning in the homework. So what if I’m still behind, it’s not for nothing.
Me: yeah yeah.. you just keep pumping along over there.. I’m gonna go do the grown-up thing and fret and worry.
Mini-Me: okay! See ya later! Lemme know if you get that part about which side of the equation favors the equilibrium!
Me: damned kids.
Mini-Me: oblivious to Me’s grumbling, patters off happily to share joy of completing homework with dog, who understands everything completely. Of course.

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  1. Lara

     /  October 12, 2011

    Mini-me ftw!


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