The differences of Sundays

Today is Sunday. A grey rainy day, bit of a chill breeze.

Used to be, on Sunday’s, I would relax; watch some soccer, catch up on my hulu episodes, do my laundry, fix some lunches for the next week. Maybe take a nap.

This Sunday I’ve moved locations twice, businesses don’t want people in their location when customers might be coming in.
And most of the libraries are closed.

So I’m hiding out in my camper. Being quiet and still. Listening to the passage of “normal” people walking by, chatting, commenting.

Every time a car engine stops near me I get anxious. Is someone going to complain? Will someone send poisoned looks my way? Will the police come by and cite me for being a public nuisance?

UPDATE: I’ve moved again. There was too much traffic, both foot and vehicular, where I was. Down the way from where I was parked was a gym, and I think a yoga shop. It was almost non-stop new urban city dwellers heading to yoga class or leaving after their workouts at the gym. Young people. Apparently not the same population that is driving the “Occupy” movement.

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