What choice did I have?

This title could be so many things..
Am I an idiot?
I am an idiot.
Well I did the best I could!
I’m so screwed.
Well there goes any confidence I might have had left.

Actually, I like that last one, I should have used that one.

So this evening I’m parked behind the library tapping away on my iPad when someone says “hello? You aren’t panning on overnighting here are you?” “oh no! Of course not!” says I. But it was a volunteer library worker, groundskeeper, or at least thats what he said. I don’t have any reason to disbelieve him and Keegan liked him immediately, while she whuffed at some other guy walking across the way on nthe other side of the yard.
Turns out the guy is a builder, apparently. Maybe. But he was not too, what’s the word… , complimentary about my building skills.

I will admit quite readily that I’m not a builder and really haven’t a clue what I was doing. But I also had about one week to do it, hand tools, and a very limited budget.

Still, my confidence, not all that high right now, took a definite nosedive.

He left me his name, email, and phone, and said to drop him a line and he’d see if he could spend a couple hours helping me repair the damage. : P
What he meant by that was that it was too late to do things the “right” way but there were things to do that would help make it more stable.
And he said he’d call around a see if he could find a roofing company that had some scraps of roofing material that would work well on this type of structure.

It was enjoyable talking to someone who didn’t automatically think I was an idiot or a slacker or a layabout just because I was living in my truck.

I really am paranoid about people these days, and I suppose that’s a good thing. But I may email this fellow, I sort of liked him. His demeanor and way of communicating remind me a someone, though I can’t remember who.

Still, I’m left feeling even more apprehensive about my chances of making it through the winter intact.

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  1. Lara

     /  October 8, 2011

    Aks the librians 🙂 If he’s good guy they’ll know.


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