New spot tonight.

After my chat with the volunteer library guy, who also told me that there were some pretty strict library guards around, I decided to move for the night.

There were two reasons for this. One, I didn’t want to run into the library guards, I use that library, no reason to get on their shit list. Two, I’ve noticed that I always move after someone approaches me and talks to me; I don’t know why really, I just feel that it’s the wiser course of action. I’ve never wanted to be noticed, even at the best of times, and when I am I feel more comfortable removing myself from the location where I was noticed.

So tonight I decided to try a location that I’ve been watching for the past week. It’s a county lot, where it looks like they store stuff for working on the roads, maybe. Lots of semi trailers parked, some old used up tires. It’s right behind a metro park and ride lot. I tucked up behind the semi trailers and I hope that it makes me a bit less visible.
There’s a kid at the other end of the lot shooting hoops on an old beat up hoop mounted to something that isn’t a basketball goal. Midnight is a bit late for that in most places but there’s a lot worse things a kid could be doing!

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  1. Alyce Aber

     /  October 8, 2011

    Rachel, try motel or hotel parking lots. My daughter works at a hotel and they could care less who is there. Now, this is PA, maybe TX is different. There was a car there for well over 3 months before anyone even thought about wondering what the heck it was doing there. Also hotels and motels are so busy NO ONE would even notice if you went in to use the public facilities. They don’t all know who is there and who isn’t. 🙂 AND my daughter lets people use the shower at times!! They have one in the conference room bathroom. Just some thoughts.

  2. Alyce, I will try that!
    Worst thing is they tell me to leave. : )


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