Little things..

First, thank you to those of you I’ve let know about this blog who have commented or emailed me and said “we’re here. we hear you.” It’s very nice to be able to share what my life is without censure. And sometimes the comments lead to other comments which lead to other thoughts which might lead to something useful!

Second, I am still enrolled in classes at the community college. I missed a week of classes, two labs, and one exam getting my camper built and moving what I had out of the room I was renting. That’s going to hurt me, but I can still pull a C in the class if I can make up and keep up and do well for the remainder of the class.
The point of all of that was that one day a week I’m in class/lab for 4 hours straight; and instructor has office hours for 2 hours before that, which I will be making use of in an attempt to catch up.
I took a big risk, for me anyway, today and asked the instructor if he would be okay letting my battery charge in his office for the afternoon because it charges much faster off of an AC outlet than the solar panel. The battery is what runs my light, charges my iPad (which is what I usually use, leaving the computer for when I can go to a library), and get some studying done. He said he saw no problem with it. So I’ll just drop by with my battery, plug it in, attend class and labs, then pick it up at the end of the day after labs.

Very cool. Thanks teach.

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