First decent nights sleep.

Last night I tried a new spot. I wasn’t sure how it would work because there were signs that either kids or homeless camped out there a fair bit. But it was pretty quiet, well, people quiet anyway. It wasn’t far from a main thoroughfare though so there was a lot of traffic noise. Still.. it wasn’t bad. It will go on my list as a good rotation spot. That gives me two places now.

It is getting colder at night. I had all 3 of my blankets in use last night and once I managed to get them all situated I was warm enough. They do take up a large amount of space though.

The night before I was at a different spot, a 24 hour diner that allowed truckers to park in their lot. There were a few big rigs, there were also a few RVs. Yesterday morning I was woken up with “Tom! Tom! Come look at this! You could build this.” Then a man’s voice, Tom I suppose, joined in with “that’s a terrible job of building, it’ll blow away first wind…” and so on. While that hurt my feelings much more than I would have thought possible, what really surprised me was the guy walking around and pushing on my camper. They obviously didn’t know I was in there but I almost yelled at them. Still, I’m more of a freeze than fight personality in most situations so I stayed quiet and they left.
I’d like to see “Tom” build a camper in one week with hand tools.
I don’t plan on staying there unless it’s an emergency, much too loud, drunk kids in the parking lot, lots of burnouts, and rude people shoving your camper around.

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