Wal-mart not camper friendly.

Many of the blogs I read before I ventured out on the road talked about Wal-mart being a good fall-back place for a night to park. This is no longer so.

I went into wal-mart, bought a few small items to further organize my camper (eye screws, some fruit for supper, etc) and then did some work in a shady spot. Around 9pm the security guard came by and asked if I was planning on spending the night there. I said that I’d been thinking about it, but so far it’d just been a nice convenient place to work on my camper, close to supplies. In truth, I had been asleep, off and on.

I’m finding that you sleep when you get the chance, again, very similar to other times in my life.

There were no other campers in the lot that I saw when I was there, no big rigs, fancy RV’s, or small trailers/campers. So I don’t know if the no camping/sleeping rule applies to everyone or just small do-it-yourselfers.

BUT.. for any future campers, the security guard did say that I could go talk to the manager and ask permission to stay in the parking lot for the night and that sometimes they did say yes. I thanked him and told him I’d just move along.



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  1. Brett

     /  October 6, 2011

    I’m reading your blog backward, so I mentioned Wal-Mart in a previous post. I’m pretty sure they’ve adopted a “no overnighters” policy, but I’ve seen some of the stores that have quite a few rigs in the parking lot at night, sometimes parked right under the “no overnighters” sign. Keep yours eyes on the RV forums and blogs for the friendly spots to stay.


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