It’s still too new…

I had almost two weeks building up to leaving and living in my truck. Two very busy weeks of building, sorting, moving; two weeks to be too busy to think too much about what it would be like when I was actually out there.

Now I’ve been “out there” for all of 2 nights, working on 3 days.
It’s still the settling in stage, still making lots of changes, still actively learning, still fairly clean.
But I’m starting to feel now. The twinges of “what next” and “is there a next” and “where do I go now” and “how long”.
Right now I can still pretend I’m on a camping trip. Just an urban vacation. No set place to be or any specific place to go. Just hanging out.
As an analogy.. it feels like the kid in me is making the best of it, having fun, seeing the possibilities; while the adult in me is so far willing to let the kid in me be the most vocal and buoy up the mood. But the adult in me is starting to ask questions, questions that the kid can’t be expected to know and shouldn’t have to even think about. The adult in me is just a tiny bit concerned, maybe a bit more than that, but can’t show it to the kid in me, or to anyone else either.

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