As anyone who’s been following my progress of the past couple weeks knows, I put some of my things into a 5×5 storage unit and prepaid it for 3 months.
The intent is to gradually organize my camper and go through the storage unit getting rid of stuff until I have only what I most desire to keep and have nothing left in storage.
So every couple days I go back to the storage unit and sort through a bit more. Every visit I take more stuff to goodwill.

Today I dropped off my fencing gear, uniforms, sabres, masks, electrical gear. It’s small gear, I hope some kid who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity finds it. I offered it to all the family/kids I knew but no one was interested. I also dropped off a lot of things that I had considered essential just a few weeks ago, light strips, towels, Keegan’s backpack and travel gear, over-the-door hooks, socket wrenches and various other tools.
The clearing of today made a visible dent in the amount of storage. If I can continue to do this every few days I will be doing well.

I realized yesterday that I had one box full of various small tins of tea. Lots of variety. But while this was lovely when I had a room, now I don’t have enough space for this much variety. It’s going to be 1 or 2 teas, my favorites; and how do I choose my favorites, I haven’t tackled this chore yet.

Per Jack’s comments a few posts back I have installed wires and they are very useful. I found however that my few clothes were too heavy for the wire so I installed a 1ft section of closet rod. It’s plenty long enough to hold the few shirts and jeans I need and keeps them in place very well. The wire is for my cup, spork, flashlight, garbage bag, laundry bag, a loaf of bread, and small stuff like that.

I’ve found out last night that I needed more blankets than I realized. I was quite chilly last night. It goes from high 90’s during the day to the low 50’s at night.
But blankets take a lot of room, lots of room. I’m thinking I might be better off with one sleeping bag than 2 or 3 or 4 blankets. Not to mention that sleeping in a hammock does make it difficult to navigate multiple blankets.
Fortunately I’m close enough to the floor that I can lean over the edge and usually pick my blanket up off the floor, unless Keegan has found it and slept on it, thus squishing it to the floor and out of my reach.
Speaking of Keegan and weather, the bed of the truck has a double layer of cardboard (a U-Haul “Closet” box flattened), an old mattress pad liner, a wool rug (really nice this rug), and then her section has a double layer of sheepskin (really old this sheepskin, but still kicking, well… not kicking exactly, being a sheepskin with the skin still attached.. but still insulating and quite warm. Keegan isn’t getting chilled at night.

I have to say that I am still enamored with the hammock idea. It just works. And I don’t have any fancy setup either. I used a sheet with knots tied in each end. It also works as a very comfortable chair if I want to sit and read or study.

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