First night out.

Sounds like a date doesn’t it? Well, I suppose it was like a date actually, lots of preparation, heading out, being nervous the entire time, not quite knowing how to end it, and then the wondering “did I do everything right?”

I ended up parking in a Lowes Hardware parking lot last night.
I was already there, getting brackets, hooks to hold my ladder on the side, a 2×8 to make 3 little shelves on the end. So I went ahead and did the work there in the parking lot. Then went to sleep.
It was cloudy yesterday and trying real hard to find some rain to drop on us. Hence it was nice and cool. It actually did rain for about 90 seconds.

The hammock idea worked beautifully. Keegan had plenty of room to stretch out underneath me. The only new thing to learn is to remember to wake up Keegan (she is getting old and doesn’t always hear me first time) so she can move paws or tail so I can put my feet down.

I put 3 small shelves up at the tail bed end of the truck and screwed down a couple small but deep storage tubs to each shelf. That gives me a place to put bits and pieces, and have a lid on the tubs if I wish so nothing falls out when I’m driving.

This morning, after getting a piece of wood cut at the hardware store I headed to the local library; the library is closed on Friday and I knew it had a nice stretch of yard back off of the road and some shady parking spaces. Keegan got some frisbee time while I installed the shelves and started rearranging a bit more.

I didn’t sleep much last night. Lots of hootin’ and hollerin’ by the store employees as they were leaving. A few burnouts, not sure if by the store employees or by kids just driving through the parking lot after the store closed.

I have much to learn about where to park yet, with regards to lights, traffic, visibility.

So I survived my first day/night. Keegan doesn’t seem to know that she’s now homeless, she actually seems quite happy with the situation. : )

I am going to go get some water and a couple pieces of fruit from the store, then I think Keegan and I will head back to the library and spend the day relaxing.

Tomorrow is back to the storage unit to see if I can figure out where I put all my power/charging cables for the small electronics… you know, those cords you save until last and put in the specially marked box that says “power cords” and then the box disappears? Yeah, that box.

I hope to sleep better tonight.


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