Becoming Homeless

This blog is to record the happenings in my new stage of life. I wanted to be able to update my friends, maybe at some point have information for others entering similar situations, and give myself something to look back at to see how I’m faring.

They say that many of the homeless in our country are people with mental illness.
I don’t usually think of PTSD as an illness, but it does definitely impact my ability to hold a job and to interact with people in even the most basic ordinary situations.

I was aware of my financial situation. I knew it was coming.

So I decided to be as ready for it as possible.  I built a camper on the back of my little truck. I put the bits and pieces of my life that I couldn’t bear to part with (at least initially) in a 5×5 storage unit and prepaid it. I prepaid a post office box.  I bought a solar panel and battery/inverter system so I could keep my phone charged, run my electric kettle, and have a light.

My camper isn’t totally finished, it’s very rough and hasn’t been sealed or painted, but it’s livable.

My 13 year old border collie has grown up in the truck, traveling, camping, and everyday activities. She will be with me in the camper as well.

So that’s the background.. Off we go..

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